Equipment Review #3 – The Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair

With lockdown 3.0 forcing most of my work to Development and Post Production I have been spending a lot more time in the studio and my back has been really suffering for it. Every time I do a long edit, or grading for a few hours I end up cursing my desk chair as pain shoots through my lower back and it wasn’t a cheap chair I think it was around €75 when I bought it.

So this spurred on a year long search for a new chair, mainly because good chairs are really expensive and I’d always talk myself out of spending that much money on a chair when I already have one.

I looked at a wide range of chairs from office to gaming chairs checking top ten lists and reviews and one chair that kept coming up was the Omega Gaming Chair by Secret Lab. It was consistently on every chair list I looked at going back a few years and had gotten great reviews. I was wary about it cause some said people were only getting it because they wanted it for the style rather then function. So I held off till December before making a decision.

So I ordered it on the 26th of December and this morning the chair finally arrived.

Secret Lab Delivery

The chair took some assembly but nothing too complicated and I had it built in under an hour.

Now to the important bit, the sitting.

I have to say it is very comfortable, the lumbar support pillow really hugs your back and seems to keep me sitting in a more upright position. The neck pillow has an elastic band that allows you to slip it onto the top of the chair and adjust its height. The arms rests are adjustable not just by height but move forward, back and rotate left and right. It reclines to almost 180 degrees and when you lean back the seat rocks backwards which is also tension adjustable so you can customise it to your weight.

The difference between it and my other chair is massive, no more lower back pain after hours at a desk. I know some people will say you should just buy a good office chair but when your studio / office is at home and you spend more time then most at your desk (and also some gaming) you really need one that you’re going to be happy with and I am very happy with this investment.

Lets see if I’m still happy in a few months

Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair

New Studio Space for the North East

So there is going to be a new studio space for film production in Drogheda soon and a while ago I went down to see it.

Rippin Studios is in Donore Industrial Estate and run by Seán Ó Cearrúlláin of SkyHigh Productions. This space is being marketed as a creative workspace at an affordable rate.

Once finished this will be the permanent home of Sky High productions but they plan to provide facilities for a sound stage, podcast studio, video village, editing and vfx, live streaming, a general workspace, set building, dressing rooms and Shower / WC facilities for anyone looking. Studio rentals can include camera, lighting, grip and post equipment provided in house. So essentially they are looking to provide a full production service, a one stop shop for location and equipment.

Seán Ó Cearrúlláin working in Rippin Studios
Seán Ó Cearrúlláin working in Rippin Studios

Their advertised rates are: long term – negotiable, daily €200 and week nights 6pm – 4am €20 per hour. (prices do not include metered electricity)

35 minutes from Dublin and 60 minutes from Belfast the space is easily accessible from the M1. The entrance is in an industrial estate with space for you to back a large camera trust right up to, or into the main studio area

Rippin Studios, Drogheda - Main studio area
Rippin Studios, Drogheda – Main studio area

Still in the construction stage the main studio space includes a 40 square meter area for building sets, setting up green screens or what ever your needs might be. The area is a good size for single room set builds with plenty of head space for a second floor.

The studio space leads on to a production / office area with a small kitchenette. This area will also have a storage area for equipment.

Rippin Studios production / office area under construction
Rippin Studios production / office area under construction

Upstairs it will have Sky high productions permanent offices that people will not have access to and across from them a 20 square foot office space and an editing area that can seat up to eight people. They have plans for a viewing / waiting room as well.

Rippin Studios Office Space
Rippin Studios Office Space

The project is an ambitious one and I wish the lads all the best with it, they are always looking to promote and help Irish film makers and I really hope they pull off everything they are planning. It’s always good to have spaces like this available.

For more info on the studio or to get in touch with them their email address is