May Update 2021

I haven’t done an update in a while, it’s been a fairly quiet start to the year but things are picking up. I’ve been working with some great musicians shooting live performances and music videos as well as shooting adverts and docs, editing features, lots of grading. Really looking forward to doing some drama again it look likes there could be some sci-fi on the horizon.

One of the bigger bits of news is that I have teamed up with Jam Art Factory and will be selling my photo prints (namely my exposures series) through them. They have been so great through the whole process and sent me a coupe of test prints which are absolutely fabulous. The matt finish on them really suits the texture of the film, I’m really impressed by them.

The current six prints are available here:

I’ll be adding more prints over the year and of course continuing the project. I’ve got two rolls just gone in to Conns Cameras to be developed, Conns have been great during the pandemic allowing me to develop my pictures through the post. I did try going to a few other places that were within walking range but it turns out a lot of places have either gotten rid of their developing machines or they are broken and the repair company for those kind of machines is based in the UK so yet another Brexit problem.

One of the prints I have left in is black and white so I’m excited to see how those shots turn out.

More updates soon, I’ll try be better at doing this more regularly.

Author: FG

Fiona Graham is an award winning, multi-disciplined Director of Photography and drone pilot with over 15 years experience on a wide range of audio visual projects from advertisements and promotional videos to music videos, TV, feature films and documentaries. With certificates in 3D LUT Design, Colour Science and Digital Cinematography Fiona produces images that compliment and elevate any Directors vision. Her multi-award winning work includes the documentary "Heyday: The Mic Christopher Story", “Henry Mc Cullough” by BP Fallon, David Holmes and Noel Gallagher, "Red Rock", "Brón" by Saor", corporate videos and adverts for UPS, Heiniken, Yonka and Country Crest and her journalistic work has been featured by The Guardian, Die Welt and Stern