August Update 2021

It’s been a long time since I have sat down to write an update and with good reason. This has been the busiest I have seen the film industry in a very long time and long may it continue.

So I have been run off my feet working on a range of productions, from DP’ing to Focus Puller and Drone work on a range of projects from shorts to music videos, corporates and massive TV shows for the streaming giants. This week I finally have a bit of breathing room and am back in the office editing in my comfy chair.

It will also give me a chance to get around to a few little gear things I’ve been meaning to get around to.

I just ordered a 16TB internal hard drive to add to my Drobo 4 bay raid array, it’s the largest capacity drive I have ever bought and I’m sure it’ll be full in no time. I think it’s time to start looking into other backup options that don’t involve physical drives, possibly AWS or something.

I finally got around to getting a Boom Buddy which is just a fantastic piece of kit. I’m sure any sound person would tell you that but as a camera person who on occasion has to do sound when a production doesn’t want to hire a sound person or doesn’t have the budget for it, it is great well worth the money.

Two other bits of gear I’m looking at getting are an easy rig vary 5 with a cinema flex vest that actually fits me rather than these rentals that are always too big and a Flanders scientific grading / field monitor. Hopefully this will happen by the end of the year along with the completion of two long term projects.

In other news I have added a new collection of prints to the Jam Art website and I’m working on a few more. Link below:

Anyway, back to editing for now more updates soon…….maybe

Author: FG

Fiona Graham is an award winning, multi-disciplined Director of Photography and drone pilot with over 15 years experience on a wide range of audio visual projects from advertisements and promotional videos to music videos, TV, feature films and documentaries. With certificates in 3D LUT Design, Colour Science and Digital Cinematography Fiona produces images that compliment and elevate any Directors vision. Her multi-award winning work includes the documentary "Heyday: The Mic Christopher Story", “Henry Mc Cullough” by BP Fallon, David Holmes and Noel Gallagher, "Red Rock", "Brón" by Saor", corporate videos and adverts for UPS, Heiniken, Yonka and Country Crest and her journalistic work has been featured by The Guardian, Die Welt and Stern