Metal Gigs, Calibrations and new Studios

This Sunday sees the release of Saor’s Lockdown Live Gig which I had the pleasure of editing. Like all bands during this pandemic The Scottish folk metal band headed by Andy Marshal have seen all their gigs and tours cancelled this year so they’ve decided to record a one hour multi camera live gig in Audio, Glasgow.

The will be going out live across Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube simultaneously Sunday 18th October 19:30 (BST)

Facebook –

YouTube –

Twitch –

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the lads before when I shot their music video Bròn which currently sits at 422,061 views, definitely the most watched video I’ve ever made.

I have to say the lads are so nice and an absolute pleasure to work with and Saors music is amazing. Looking forward to watching the gig as it goes out, I hope it goes really well for them and the fans like it.

It’s great to see musicians playing again and I always love working on musical project so if anyone has any ideas that could help the musical community film or video wise feel free to get in touch.

In other news this week I just got back from Galway working on a show that shall remain nameless for now to settle back into a nice, relaxed bit of editing only to find I needed to recalibrate my monitors again. They seems to be slipping much quicker then they used to. At the moment I am using a Datacolor SpyderX Pro to calibrate my monitors but instead of doing it monthly I find I am having to do it at least once a week.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro

Thats not to say there is anything wrong with the device, the SpyderX Pro is very good, surprisingly quick and accurate. It’s also small enough that I don’t mind packing it into my bags when travelling. The fault is more with the monitors age, it just ends to slip quicker these days.

Im hoping soon to be able to afford a Flanders Scientific monitor but at the moment it is a little out of my price range.

Anyway in film news Sky High Productions are opening a new studio in Drogheda called “Rippin Studios”. It’s in the construction stages at the moment but will be opening soon to anyone who needs a sound stage. In the link below you can see Seán talking about it and giving a little tour of the space.

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